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   I've bought k-beauty products from a lot of different places throughout the years, both offline and online, but I'm only going to share 4 online places with you. These are the 4 websites I use the most, Amazon is notably missing, but that's because I'm based in Beirut, and Amazon can't ship a lot of beauty/skincare products to us because of some complicated rules and regulations concerning beauty products in Lebanon. But these websites can.


   Probably my favorite website right now. Iherb has a wide selection of K-beauty products and is always expanding and adding new brands and products to it. In terms of price - just like with any reseller - the items will be more expensive than what they usually go for, but not by much: I see an average trend of 3$ or more, compared to Sephora that charges up to 20$ for the same exact k-beauty brands, this is nothing. The reason I use Iherb the most is that they deliver the fastest, and you have the option to select a free delivery if your order doesn't exceed 1.8kg and 100$, you obviously can make different orders if you're buying a lot of stuff and want that option. Alternatively, if you don't want to wait that long (they say it takes around a month for free delivery but I've had orders delivered to me after 2 weeks), even their paid delivery service doesn't cost that much compared to other sites (around 7$). 

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  What Iherb doesn't have, Yesstyle will. What's cool with this website, and all subsequent ones on this list, is that they'll also send you free samples (sometimes really big ones) of random products they think you might like, as that's a common courtesy when buying beauty products in Far East Asia. They also have a lot of sales going on all the time, so depending on your luck, you'll probably find prices that match those you would get in South Korea the most. The only con is that you have to wait a long time before your products actually arrive, but that's also due to Lebanon not being the easiest country to ship things to.

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   Testerkorea used to be my favorite place to buy k-beauty products from, but they take so long to ship, and there's an issue with payment (I'll get into it in 5 sec), so I kind of just gave up on them. Now don't get me wrong, I still think this is a very good website, they literally have every single Korean product you could think of, and they always have a 35% sale going on all the time, which is insane. They'll also submerge you in a sea of free samples, and I would probably still be shopping from them if I didn't go to Korea almost every year now. Concerning shipping, it takes forever -literally- there's nothing else to add, plus its expensive, but it's balanced out by the fact that their products are very inexpensive compared to other sites: you'll probably end up paying about the same amount (but you'll have more samples and a wider variety of things to chose from). As for the payment, I don't think you'll encounter this problem if you come from a relatively relaxed country like France or something, but Lebanon has had so many money laundering issues throughout the years that the South Korean payment services used by Testerkorea  doesn't accept most online transactions made by a Lebanese credit card. So you're left with the option of transferring the money (which is what I used to do) or calling the company to register your card with them and assure them that you're a real person. Yes, that' s a lot of work just to buy K-beauty products, but... I don't really have an argument I just really like K-beauty products.


   Most of the things that you find on Wishtrend, you can now also find on Iherb. But the reason I love shopping on Wishtrend is their package deals. Not only are their package deals great (46$ instead of 87$, or 78$ instead of 120$), they also ship them to you for free and they're really well curated to your skin concern (acne, oily, dry, aging...). If you don't want to commit to the number of products available in their package deals, they also have sets that you can shop from that are usually between 15% and 20% off.


Happy shopping.