I'm kind of a hater when it comes to new anime. I'm usually the person throwing sentences like 'but if you compare this to neon genesis' and 'but dragon ball..". But Jujutsu Kaisen kicked the snobbery out of my spine and has converted me into a fan, no, scratch that, a worshiper, a whole damn air conditioner. With its chilling touch of sorcery, black powers, and demonic rituals, which appeal to both younger and older audiences, what drives it home is just how hilarious this anime is. And what really doesn't drive it home is the fact that we have to wait so long for a new season. So if, like me, you've watched the anime and even read the manga, but you're still begging for more, fear not my trusty sorcerers; this list is armed with characters and plots that deliver the same punch and atmosphere of Jujutsu Kaisen. Some will have you laugh out loud, others are darker or lighter, but they're all excellent, so you're welcome.

1.Demon Slayer

鬼滅の刃 - Kimetsu no Yaiba

Feel the rage, The powerful, pure rage of not being able to forgive will become your unswerving drive to take action.

Demon Slayer’s main plot centers around the lead character trying to cure his sister’s demonic curse. In his search, he becomes entangled with a secret society: the demon slayer corps, a centuries-old organization that protects humanity from demons. Apart from these obvious similarities, what really stands out in Demon Slayer are the epically animated and choreographed fight scenes that will make you rewind&rewatch for a continuous eye feast.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Ufotable Studio

Trailer: Link

Number of episodes: 26

Number of seasons: 1 (ongoing)

2.Mob Psycho 100

モブサイコ100 - Mobu Saiko Hyaku

My dad said that “people who’ve never smoked before are missing out on half of their lives.” It made me realize that everyone has a different idea of “missing out.

Mob Pscyho 100 has a very unique animation style that isn’t usually linked to the depiction of action-packed anime. The plot follows Mob, a powerful psychic, who’s power is so immense, he constantly needs to live a life devoid of emotions to keep it under control. As such, there is a huge difference compared to Jujutsu Kiasen here: the main character is someone that is incredibly serious. But fear not, there are plenty of characters and situations to make you laugh, and the fighting scenes are packed with brutality, epicness, and just stunning graphics.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Bones

Trailer: Link
Number of episodes: 25

Number of seasons: 1



Be careful, the darkness is always right there next to you.

Although Noragami does possess similarities to Jujutsu Kaisen when it comes to fighting demons, possessed people, secret worlds, fantastic fighting scenes, and humor. It differs in the way all of these different concepts are explored. Noragami has a much slower pace than its counterpart, and it’s also more Shōjo than shounen if one wishes to bring forth sexist ideas of what men and women are usually interested in. Noragami’s plot follows Yato, a minor deity in the pantheon of gods, and his quest to somehow heal the soul of Hiyori, a schoolgirl who saves him from a car accident. Yes, before you ask, there is a secret sacred weapon, in the form of a 14-year-old child who transforms into a sword when Yato summons him - if this doesn’t convince you to give Noragami a try, I don’t know what will.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Bones

Trailer: Link

Number of episodes: 24

Number of seasons: 2


Remember that a sword held by someone who is about to die… will never be able to protect anything.

Bleach is an adventure-action anime that has a huge fan base. Its similarity to Jujutsu Kaisen stems from the fact that both leading characters in both series are so stupid (sorry, Itadori) but have a sort of genius to them. Both shows deal with supernatural powers conveyed in incredible battles. Like Jujutsu Kaisen, Bleach also has a secret society that is on a mission to save people from dark powers, with its main protagonist becoming a member by random chance.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Pierrot

Trailer: Link

Number of episodes: 366

Number of seasons: 16

5.Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 - JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken

And that’s why I turned one of your pistols into a banana. It’s your last meal. Take your time… enjoy it.

One of the things I've enjoyed the most while watching Jujutsu Kaisen is the pure ridicule level when it comes to humor. Gojo Satoru and Itaodri Yuji's minds ( and probably Todo Aoi too) will come up with the most inappropriate unserious actions and catchphrases that will have you spit out water and laugh at the absurdity of the situations they create. Well, Jojo's bizarre adventure is probably even more ridiculous, and that's saying a lot. This anime follows members of the Joestar family. They possess special martial arts abilities and spiritual powers, which they use to combat dark forces and save people in extremely bizarre and adventurous ways - as the name suggests.

Studio: A.P.P.P.

Trailer: Link.

Number of episodes: 152

Number of seasons: 4 (ongoing)

6.Tokyo Ghoul

東京喰種 トーキョーグール

The act of taking is equally evil. We, from the moment of birth, continue to take. Food, connections, even fellow blood. Living to utmost. Continuing to slaughter, kill, take. Life is to constantly sin. Life is evil itself. I am aware I am evil... And so are you all. Now, come kill me. And I shall do the same

Tokyo Ghoul has a much darker and somber goosebump-inducing atmosphere than Jujutsu Kaisen. Don't expect many laughs with this one unless you're the type of person who likes to laugh at dismembered arms and blood gushing out of bodies - no judgment here. Expect gruesome demons with malicious enemies and characters turning into monsters. Tokyo ghoul walks the fine line between light and darkness, exploring what it's like to deal with this grey area mentally.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Pierrot

Trailer: Link.

Average episode length: 24m
Number of episodes: 48

Number of seasons: 3

7.Hunter x Hunter

Right now, I’m letting you live. And I’ll continue to keep you alive… until you’ve grown enough to become worth killing.

Hunter x Hunter is known for portraying gruesome scenes in the most violent yet funniest ways. You will enjoy getting to know the lead characters' naive personalities and seeing them evolve in both depth and nature. The central theme deals with the supernatural, whether it's in the form of locating rare fantastic and cute animal species or hunting down murderers and exploring their dark psychology.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Pierrot

Trailer: Link
Number of episodes: 148

Number of seasons: 6



If talking won’t resolve matters, maybe inflicting some pain will.

The main similarity between Parasyte and Jujutsu Kaisen is the fact that a supernatural entity inhabits both main protagonists. Granted, Sukuna's presence is more impressive than whatever the hell is inside the main protagonist's hand in Parasyte. But don't let appearances fool you: that little monster has a bloodthirsty appetite of his own. The series follows Shinichi Izumi, a high school boy whose right hand becomes possessed by an alien Parasite named Migi - usually parasites take full control of their hosts' bodies, but Shinichi is able to limit the spread to his hand. The fight scenes in this anime are extremely gory and brutal, with heads constantly being decapitated, eaten, or spliced in half.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Madhouse

Trailer: Link.

Number of episodes: 24

Number of seasons: 1

9.The God of High School

갓 오브 하이 스쿨 - Gat Obeu Hai Seukul

You can only know the true face of a man when he hits rock bottom… Whether he’s the son of a tiger or rabbit.

I’m not going to tell you what the plot is because the story escalates and changes so often that there is no point. Nonetheless, the studio that gave us Jujutsu Kaisen is the same as the one that created The God of Highschool, so expect gorgeous and thrilling fight scenes and funny characters. One thing to point out is the cool concept behind the fights: humans use something called ‘‘borrowed powers’’, essentially borrowing special fighting techniques and abilities from the gods.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: M.A.P.P.A.

Trailer: Link.

Number of episodes: 13

Number of seasons: 1

10.Blue Exorcist 

青の 祓魔師 エクソシスト - Ao no Ekusoshisuto

O lost little lamb - confess your sins and say your prayers.

In Blue Exorcist, the main protagonist Rin and his twin brother, initially both raised by a Priest, find out that they are the sons of Satan. One of them is also the inheritor of his diabolical powers - making things kind of awkward for everyone involved. Rin ends up with demonic features (sounds familiar?) and the unique ability to ignite blue flames of destruction. The plot mainly centers around his quest to become an exorcist.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: A-1 Pictures

Trailer: Link.

Number of episodes: 25

Number of seasons: 1

11.devilman crybaby

Even bloodstained, you are beautiful Sirene.

Devilman Crybaby follows Ryo Asuka, an elusive genius keen to hunt down and expose various kinds of monsters. As the story first progresses, he enlists his best friend Akira Fudou, to assist him. In the process, the weak and naive Akira is possessed and merges with the great devil Amon. Full of gothic nuances and gruesome violence amped up to an almost ridiculous level, Devilman Crybaby isn’t an anime that everyone will enjoy, particularly due to its unique animation style. It is however similar to Jujutsu Kaisen in its general plot, but is definitely depicted quite differently .

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Studio Saru

Trailer: link.

Number of episodes: 10

Number of seasons: 1

12.Yuu Yuu Hakusho

幽☆遊☆白書 - Yū Yū Hakusho

I’ve been under too much stress lately. Killing you should be a good remedy.

90’s babies, gather ye. Meet Yusuke Urameshi, a character that dies and is brought back to life as a spirit detective: solving the conflicts between humans and supernatural monsters. Although the aesthetics differ - since this is an older series - the general atmosphere is the same, albeit slower-paced action since these are lower frames per second. This anime still has a wow factor with a bit of humor sprinkled in there.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Pierrot

Trailer: Link.

Number of episodes: 112

Number of seasons: 1



Those Who Do Not Understand True Pain Can Never Understand True Peace.

Listen. I'm not going to explain Naruto's plot because this is a blog post, not a doctorate thesis. What you need to know is that Naruto is similar to Jujutsu Kaisen in the way that both protagonists have incredible power and a cursed spirit residing inside their souls. Naruto obviously runs at a slower pace than Jujutsu Kaisen, and it might be a challenge for you to commit to a 500 episode long anime: but the good news is that it's probably worth it.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: Pierrot

Trailer: Link

Number of episodes: 720


War is sorrowful. The flames of war burn away life and dreams and bonds, leaving behind countless sorrows. So sorrow gives birth to tragedy. And tragedy gives birth to Akuma.

D.Gray man is what you get if Jujutsu Kaisen and Castlevania kissed and had a baby together (because this is how you make babies, precisely in that order). Now, I’m not the biggest fan of D gray man’s animation style and overall greyish tones. But apart from its look, it is pretty similar to jujutsu Kaisen: secret organizations with people with supernatural abilities, ranking systems of these members, a requiring ‘darkness & demons’ themes, cool battles, and the main character is also sort of possessed. So a very much ‘same but different’ anime.

Studio + Other Works by Studio: T.M.S. Entertainment Ltd.

Trailer: Link

Number of episodes: 24

Number of seasons: 4

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