My name is Nour De Wilde Salhab, I’m Lebanese, Congolese, French and Belgian (this is the question I get asked the most so here you go). ‘Nour’ means light in Arabic, ‘De Wilde’ means what it means in Dutch (which half of Belgium speaks, hence my mother’s family name origins) and ‘Salhab’ doesn’t mean shit, even Arabs can’t seem to grasp my father’s family name and end up asking me if I mean ‘Saleh’ or ‘Salha’ (which are more popular names) but I think it’s nice and don’t really care.

I grew up in Brussels and Beirut, English is not my 1st or 2nd language (as apparent in some articles), French & Arabic came first and then I eventually fell in love with reading, mostly in English. I initially started this blog because I kept on getting recommendation related questions to places I had traveled to and since I love writing, I figured this would be a good idea.

The ‘other’ part of the blog is where I share other stuff I love which mostly consists of Japanese Animation, Shopping and soon: Books (I’m ‘nourdewildesalhab’ on goodreads but following me would be pointless as I just give out ratings and never actually write reviews).

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