The Grand Palace, Wat Phraw Kawe and Khaosan Road are beautiful places, but sometimes you just need some peace of mind away from the crowds of the city of angels.


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1- Become a Detective in the streets of Bangkok with GoSnooP

If you’re a fan of detective stories, escape the rooms, or would just like a fun and original way to experience the city, GoSnoop is a 2 to 3 hours outdoor detective game in which you meet up in a secret location, accept your mission and find clues by exploring the best parts of Bangkok. This is a great experience and I strongly recommend it to anyone, but keep in mind that the minimum booking requirement is 2 people. Prices start at 29$ per person (950 Baht).

2. Take a ride along the Khlong Saen Saep

I’ll admit it, I accidentally booked a ride, thinking it was the famous floating markets, alas, it wasn’t. However, we still enjoyed our time, and this tour is in the middle of the city, so there was no need for us to go on a 1-hour car ride to experience a floating market. Does it compare to the actual famous floating markets? (That I did end up doing too) No, of course not, but it’s still cute and fun and refreshing. I would recommend going on a weekend so that you can also experience the Kwan Riam Floating market. My friends and I enjoyed it and don’t regret it at all, we got to see some of the parts of Bangkok, like weird houses by the river and other sites that we couldn’t have seen otherwise - I recommend taking a private boat, you have to be 8 people and can join other groups.

Prices: 10/20 bahts (0.6 usd) if you’re using the tour boats, prices vary for private ones.

3.Bangkok market extravaganza at chang chui market

If you’ve been to Bangkok, or anywhere in Thailand at this point really, chances are you already went to a market. Day markets, night markets, clothe markets, food markets, Thai seem to love their markets and there are good reasons why. Whether you’re looking for clothing, a refreshing beer, some tasty food, good entertainment or a nice Instagram picture, you should head to Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market. Yes plane market: there’s an Airbus shell with a red slide next to the emergency exit doors, because why not.

4.Ride bicycles in BANG KRACHAO, bangkok’s jungle

You want Thailand’s beautiful green exotic sceneries but you’re stuck in Bangkok? No problemo. Head at the northern tip of the city and immerse yourself (and your rented bicycle) in the city’s green lung. No bustling streets or high rise buildings here, only mangroves, palm trees, splashes of untouched beauty, and a cement road to remind you that you’re still in Bangkok. For refreshments amidst the heat, head over to The Bangkok Tree House, and for renting bicycles, many bike vendors are scattered throughout the area.

Prices vary for bike rentals, but are usually around 80 bahts. (2.5 usd)

5.Explore Chinatown

Usually, if you’re not visiting somewhere like New York, chances are you haven’t even considered walking around a city’s Chinatown. And God knows you’re missing out. Bangkok’s Chinatown located around Yaowarat Road is teeming with food, entertainment, visually appealing surroundings, and an overall positive and energetic atmosphere. This is probably the most touristy item on this list, but what I’ve noticed is that people who visit Bangkok for the first time never opt to go there, so I wanted to share.

6.Go Wakeboarding 

Yes. Wakeboarding in Bangkok is a thing, and there are a couple of cable parks (wakeboarding/water skiing) in the capital. They’re safe, they’re fun, and they’re a different experience so if you’re a fan of the sport or you feel like trying something new, I would recommend either Club Taco or Zanook Wake park.

Prices are more or less starting 20 usd (600 baht) for about 4 hours.

7.Join a Group Meditation Class

I’m not going to write about all the benefits of meditation, if you’re alive in 2018 and reading this, chances are you already know, and if you don’t, here’s a quick link encompassing 76 of these benefits. Anyway, group meditation classes are a thing in Bangkok, and they’re a great way to escape from the city, and into your mind. Some meditations centers include Bangkok Meditation Center, Dhamma Dhani, and Rojanna Dhamma Community.

Most programs run on a donation basis.

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