Hong Kong is home to some of the world's most luxurious hotels, but when it comes to staycationing and that home-away-from-home feeling, we'd like to offer more diverse options. This list includes Airbnbs, camping spots, boutique hotels, and luxurious hotels. If you're looking for a sunny summer weekend getaway or a cozy winter romantic stay, here are some of the best and most unique accommodations and staycation packages Hong Kong has to offer.

1.WING Tian Tai MORPHING loft

Located in the Eastern District of Hong Kong island, this loft is ideal if you don't want to travel far from the island and still want to enjoy the gorgeous city and ocean views. The outside space constitutes a big terrace and a colorful garden where you can relax and enjoy the ocean breeze. In comparison, the interior edges on futuristic conceptions: folding walls and intricate rooms seem to morph into larger ones. Despite being located in a slightly more industrial area of Hong Kong, the loft is modern, quiet, spacious, and bathed in beautiful sunlight. Wing Tian Tai is good for couples and families with kids. It's also a fantastic spot to get familiar with Chai Wan and its restaurants.


Main Information: Close to parks, perfect for exploring Chain Wan center. 5/5 on Airbnb. Seven nights minimum stay (You also usually get a 15% weekly price discount). *Wing Tian Tai is also used as an art event hosting space and platform.

Capacity: Up to 6 people

Pet friendly: Yes

Average per day: HKD 5 663 (729$US) (With Service Fee + Occupancy Taxes + Minimum Stay + Cleaning Fee)

Recommended booking site: Airbnb

2.A Contemporary twist on Hong Kong Village HouseS

This sunlit spacious Contemporary Hong Kong Village House has you covered. With a relaxing, clean, modern, and woody interior and a breezy terrace overlooking the shore, it’s hard to pass on this one. Bring your family for a beachside vacation in a serene neighborhood, and don’t forget to alleviate your fatigue and charge up in the sunroom or tropical gardens and take a stroll in the cool and hip village of Shek O.


Main Information: Close to Restaurants, cafes, beach bars, perfect for exploring Shek O. 4.95/5 on Airbnb. Two nights minimum stay.

Capacity: Up to 4 people

Pet friendly: No

Average per day: HKD 5 594 (720$US) (With Service Fee + Occupancy Taxes + Minimum Stay + Cleaning Fee)

Recommended booking site: Airbnb

3.Sailing Yacht for sea lovers

This list includes accommodations and hotels where you can admire the sea from afar or bask near it. But here we’re taking it up a notch and providing you with an option where you’ll get to sleep as near to the sea as possible. Board this sailing yacht and choose from a diversity of sailing options in Hong Kong’s waters. Whether you decide to opt for days at the beach or a cruise between the islands, the boat is equipped with scuba-diving and snorkeling gear as well as fishing rods and other water-activity tools to make your stay as fun and memorable as possible. This staycation is as customizable as you wish it to be, with crew members taking care of your wished itinerary, activities, and dietary needs.

Main Information: Activities include scuba-diving, snorkelling, and fishing. You can opt for a day trip or as many nights as you want. The boat can take you anywhere as long as it’s reachable by waters. Pick up/drop off - Causeway Bay public pier / or Hebe Haven, Sai Kung

Capacity: Up to 12 people

Pet friendly: No

Average per day: HKD 12 516 (1 612$US) (With Service Fee + Occupancy Taxes + Minimum Stay + Cleaning Fee)

Recommended booking site: Airbnb

4.The Lighthouse

Located by the sea, the Lighthouse - as dubbed by its owner - is one of the most famous and charming Airbnbs of Hong Kong. Located between Hebe Haven Marina and Sai Kung public pier, this place immerses you in the soothing sounds, sights, and smells of nature. The house is a 2-story estate with a natural wood interior and a beautiful rooftop with a 360-degree serene view of Shek O port. Take refuge from the sun under the many plants that inhabit the garden, or enjoy a morning cup of coffee or tea in this incredibly peaceful space.


Main Information: Close to bars and restaurants, as well as hiking trails and the beach. 30 minutes away from one of Hong Kong’s most secluded beach. You can opt for a day trip or as many nights as you want. 2 nights minimum stay. 4.95/5 on Airbnb

Capacity: Up to 4 people

Pet friendly: Yes

Average per day: HKD 8 142 (1 048$US) (With Service Fee + Occupancy Taxes + Minimum Stay + Cleaning Fee)

Recommended booking site: Airbnb

5.Mansion on Cheung Chau Island

This gorgeous Mansion on Cheung Chau Island is the perfect blend of clean-cut colonial design and art deco pop. This one is best enjoyed with friends and family due to its multitudes of perfectly curated hosting areas: you’re sure to find a perfect nook (or vast space) for dinners, barbecues, and board games throughout the house. The outside space will also provide you with some well-deserved jacuzzi and stargazing sessions in the two terraces, where you’ll witness some of the most beautiful and tranquil sunsets Hong Kong has to offer.


Main Information: No cars on the island. Close to sandy beaches, seafood cafes and hiking trails. Full Housekeeping service. 2 nights minimum stay. 4.97/5 on Airbnb.

Capacity: Up to 8 people

Pet friendly: No

Average per day: HKD 12 516 (1 611$US) (With Service Fee + Occupancy Taxes + Minimum Stay + Cleaning Fee)

Recommended booking site: Airbnb

6.Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park

Looking for a cool camping spot in Hong Kong with a bit of a fancier feel? Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park is an 11-acre camping site situated on the southwestern tip of Cheung Chau Island and should meet your standards. They provide an excellent range of accommodation themes and activities, making this trip particularly interesting to children and large groups of friends. You can bring your own tent or choose among their seven different tent themes: Sunset Vista, African Safari, Native American Teepees, Mongolian Gers, as well as their famous Star Gazing Geodesic Domes or romantic tree cocoon suspended in a tree.


Main Information: Activities like bubble soccer, abseiling, canopy walk, climbing, disc golf, rally, goat time, drumming workshop, and a bubble waffle workshop.

Instagram: @saiyuen_cheungchau + Geotag

Pet friendly: No

Contact: +852 2666 9557 + booking@saiyuen.com

Average per day: HKD 300 (38.61 $US) to HKD 2950 (379.7$US)

Recommended booking site: saiyuen.com

7.Welcome Beach

If you’re the kind of person whose idea of a relaxing weekend getaway is to have the beach right at their doorstep and fall asleep rocked by the sound of the waves, then look no further. Although caravans aren’t the most luxurious of accommodations you could book, they are fun and convenient and provide you with all the necessities of life. Located near Cheung Sha Beach, the longest beach in Hong Kong, Welcome beach is filled with water sports services and seaside restaurants.


Main Information: Close to water sport facilities, restaurants, longest shoreline on Lantau Island. Deluxe BBQ activity.

Instagram: Geotag

Capacity: 4 per caravan

Pet friendly: No

Contact: +852 90606220 + info@welcomebeach.com.hk

Average per day: HKD 1 550 (199.51 $US)

Recommended booking site: welcomebeach

8.tai o heritage hotel

This property is nestled in the historical Tai O fishing village on a lush hillside overlooking the famous harbor. Originally an old Tai O marine police station built in 1902, it got converted into a nine-room boutique hotel back in 2009 following a heritage conservation project. The restoration has meticulously kept and enhanced the hints of history and peculiar architecture of the establishment: cannons, turrets, and classic French facades will accompany your holiday along with beautifully furnished rooms, green spaces, and a top of the notch service.


Main Information: Close to the sea, Tai O Fishing Village, temples and monasteries. Contains two restaurants/cafes/bars. Heritage site.

Instagram: @taioheritagehotel + Geotag

Pet friendly: No

Contact: +852 2985 8383 + info@taioheritagehotel.com

Average per day: HKD 2 097 (270 $US)

Recommended booking site: Here.

9.tuve & dreams of brutalist architecture

The Tuve hotel acts as an extension of the concentre jungle that is the Tin Hau neighborhood. Heavy concrete walls accented by dark glass fittings, rough iron doors, and custom-made furniture seamlessly meld together into a beautiful piece, commemorating brutalist architecture. There are hotels on this list that are more luxurious or offer more services than Tuve, but none will offer such an immersion in art: a must-stay if you are a fan of the design it depicts.


Main Information: Close to parks, a library, shopping arcade and several bars and restaurants. Home to a casual dinign space: @superhoomanhk.

Instagram: @tuvehotel + Geotag

Pet friendly: Yes

Contact: +852 3995 8800 + reservations@tuve.hk

Average per day: HKD 459 (60 $US)

Recommended booking site: Tuve Booking

10.Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

This is the staycation dream for anyone with children. Choose one of several themed rooms for the kids to enjoy while you relax with a view of Castle Peak Bay: Princess rooms, Space-themed rooms with dinosaurs or pirates, Animal Safari, Car racing, and even carnival rooms. These themes are not limited to the rooms. There are also many fun outdoor activities for your kids to enjoy, such as adventure zones, kid outdoor driving, mini train rides, butterflies farms, pools, water parks, and sandy areas. If you’re thinking about whether or not you’ll personally end up enjoying your stay there, fear not: a Michelin star restaurant, bars, fitness centers, and the sea await you.


Main Information: Range of activities currated to kids like ziplining, water parks, butterflies and herb farms. Located next to a sandy beach. 5 restaurants/cafes/bars

Instagram: @goldcoasthotel + Geotag

Pet friendly: Yes

Contact: +852 8108 0200 + galycowen@sino.com

Average per day: HKD 660 (85 $US)

Recommended booking site: Sino-hotels

11.Hotel Icon

Hotel Icon is a teaching and research hotel owned and fully managed by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. As such, it employs a team staffed by students riding the next wave of hospitality leaders. Where you'd expect a lower quality service due to students' presence, the hospitality is actually top-notch, reflecting the university's constant number one worldwide rank. Designed by Rocco Yim, one of the city's most prominent architects, Hotel Icon stands as a testament to innovation and luxury. It features Victoria Harbor's panoramic views, striking vertical gardens, and vibrate spaces radiating contemporary and sleek styles.


Main Information: Spa, pool, health club, cafe, restaurant, bar. Close to many museums, cafes and restaurants.

Instagram: @hoteliconhk + Geotag

Pet friendly: Yes

Contact: +852 3400 1000 + info@hotel-icon.com

Average per day: HKD 1 120 ( 144 $US)

Recommended booking site: Hotel-Icon

12.FWD HOUSE 1881

FWD House 1881 was Hong Kong Marine Police headquarter during the 80s, after its conversion it became what it is known for now: a very unique and unexpected vast space in the middle of the city, offering colonial-style luxury lodgings. Although Hong Kong is known for many things, space is not one of them. With its high ceilinged, vast, and patio adorned rooms overlooking the courtyard, this hotel is the perfect city escape where you’ll feel secluded in your own sanctuary of tranquility, away from the business of everyday life - but close enough to walk back to it at any time.


Instagram: @house1881hk + Geotag

Main Information: 6 restaurants/bars/cafe, large terrace/balcony space, workshops,

Pet friendly: No

Contact them for reservation and pricing list: +852 3988 0000 + info@fwdhouse1881.com

13.The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong is known as the Grande Dame of the Far East and is one of Hong Kong’s oldest 5-star hotels. You will be engulfed in the sophisticated yet old-school Hong Kong style of this hotel as soon as you cross the gates of its gold-clad pillars. Home to the most popular High Tea in the country, a fleet of Rolls Royces and a wide array of curated experiences, services, and Michelin Stars, this hotel has set standards for hospitality everywhere for decades and was even used as a filming location for the James bond film: The Man with the Golden Gun. Reminisce in the classic glamour of a by-gone era and get transported back to old Hong Kong.


Main Information: 8 restaurants on site, spa, workshops, helicopter tours, …

Instagram: @peninsulahongkong + Geotag

Pet friendly: No

Contact: +852 2840 7788 + pr@peninsula.com

Average per day: HKD 2 718 ( 349 $US)

Recommended booking site: Peninsula

14.Mandarin Oriental

Chinese craft and traditions meet Western amenities and charisma at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong island. The elegance of old and contemporary elements run through the range of rooms available for a stay, interlacing black marble, fine silk, and hardwood for the refined experience of a lifetime. Home to Michelin-star restaurants, jaw-dropping service, stunning views, and ultimate luxury, the Mandarin Oriental is as legendary as the city itself.


Main Information: Live music, 8 dining options including Michelin Star, spa, they can pretty much organize any activity you have in mind from horseriding to windsurfing.

Instagram: @mo_hkg + Geotag

Pet friendly: Yes

Contact: +852 2825 4008 + mohkg-cakeshop@mohg.com

Average per day: HKD 2 250 ( 289 $US)

Recommended booking site: Mandarinoriental

15.The Mira Hong Kong

The Mira Hotel sits at an intersection of sleek design and technology, providing you with some of the most original activities you can partake in the city of Hong Kong. All facilities seem to have been crafted with a futuristic artist’s impression in mind: an abundance of light and purple-highlighted space immerges in all nooks, often reflected by shiny metal finishes and retro-futuristic sculptures and furniture.


Main Information: Gaming room, private home movie theatre, Virtual Reality gaming, Glamping options, 6 restaurants on-site, spa, …

Instagram: @themirahotel + Geotag

Pet friendly: No

Contact: +852 2368 1111 + info@themirahotel.com

Average per day: HKD 714 ( 91$US)

Recommended booking site: Themirahotel