I've played my first escape game in early 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, and have continued to play my fair share of them over the years. I win, I lose (most of the time), I have fun (most of the time). And I want to share with you the 5 best escape games I've played so far in this world. I've also worked as a game master for a little over 2 years now, so It's safe to say I kind of know what I'm talking about.



1-deadwood mansion


   Formerly known as Glostation, Sandbox VR is probably the most entertaining escape games I've ever played. I went there in late January 2018 and played the Deadwood Mansion game in Tsim Sha Tsui. Basically, you and your friends form a group where you need to choose a team leader, as well as your weapons (each one is different), your mission in the game is to basically survive the zombie attack in the mansion. There are different rounds, each round introduces more zombies, as well as new and faster ones, ultimately leading to the final round. If you've ever played Call of Duty, it's kind of the exact same concept, except that there aren't a multitude of rooms and there's an actual ending. Even if you're not into gaming, I almost guarantee that you'll enjoy this game, just take a look at the video above of my friends and I play it in the beginning, do we look disappointed?

Click on this link to see how it is on the other side of the mask.



2- The Castle



  Okay so I actually work at Escape the Room in Lebanon, but believe me, this is an awesome game. I've played all of the games on this list with a friend I travel a lot with, and we both compare The Castle to almost every game we play. The issue (I think) with a lot of escape games, is that they rely on a wow factor, rather than making the players really think hard about what they're supposed to do. If you enjoy escape games with 7 rooms, where you need to jump from windows, land in a pool, and make yourself fit into a vent, you're not going to enjoy that one. The Castle really relies on your thinking, rather than doing, and I think it's a really smart game. It also has a small wow factor since the theme is really well thought out. The story: you're sent to a castle which people know almost nothing about, the only thing that's know is that some sort of creatures looms there... And on that note, let's move on to the next game.






   This one is hard and entertaining in a way I completely adored. Haunted Escape Rooms owner is really into Horror games, and all of his themes focus around that. I've played two games there so far, and SAW is one of the best games I've ever played. You and your friends are captured by Jigsaw ( a really creepy clown guy that likes to play surviving games with people if you've never watched the movies) and he wants to play a game, your goal is to escape alive. Granted, this is a very recurring theme in horror escape games, but this game is very well executed. I was scared, I was entertained, and I used my brain a lot. One of the two things that set this game apart from other ones is the use of technology in it - there are new concepts and riddles I've never seen before, and the fact that you can choose whether you want an actor in the game with you (which you obviously should say yes too because it becomes that much more entertaining with an actual serial killer in the room). I really recommend going there with a lot of people (more than 4). 





   Remember how I said that if you were into games with 7 rooms, a window, a pool, and vents, you wouldn't like the Castle? Well young thrill seeker, Shutter Asylum at Pandora Experience is for you. This game is 2 hours long. This game has a pool (they make you wear flipflops). This game has 7 rooms (or 6 I forgot but the point is: it's HUGE). AND this game is hard (or we're just really dumb). If you've watched Shutter Island, this escape is basically the Indonesian version with a bit of salt and pepper here and there. You're a patient in a mental asylum, you have amnesia, and you want to get out of the hospital. Now from what I stated above, I hope you get the point that this game is hardcore. It's not exactly a 'race against time' as you have 2 hours to complete it, but you'll have fun and enjoy the ride. Try not to wear long jeans or skirts.





   Don't look for a website because they don't have one. But don't let that throw you off, Escape Room Thailand has 6 themed rooms! I played my first game there back in 2016 and was going to put it in this list (Crime scene: The Homicide Unit), but after much debate, I realized that I actually preferred that one. Basically, you and your family were out on a road trip in the desert when your car runs out of gas, so you decide to book one night at this awful hotel. Turns out the hotel is haunted and is out to kill you, so now you need to get the hell out of it. This is an example of an extremely well taught out room, the theme is worked to greatness and you really got to use your brain to get out of that one. There are also new ideas and concepts I never saw anywhere else so I'd definitely recommend. Just use Facebook to book a slot or visit them at MBK center (which you'll probably end up in if you're ever in Bangkok anyway).