Top 8 Things To Do in Valle De Bravo, Mexico

Valle De Bravo Waterfall overlooking a sunset

Valle de Bravo is a small hidden gem in Mexico, still relatively unknown by the majority of tourists, and deserves way more attention than it gets. It’s a mix of Mexican culture surrounded by Italian-like architecture and countryside. The town surrounds a huge lake and constitutes of an amalgamation of small hilltops. If you decide to go there, here are eight things to do in this beautiful piece of paradise:


 1-BREAKFAST at El Mesón

I wouldn't say breakfast is a 'thing to do' in Valle de Bravo, but it's what you'll do at the start of your day there. This town isn't particularly famous for its food (to my knowledge anyway), but I had breakfast at El Meson; it was a good breakfast, and the place itself was nice and aesthetically pleasing. The restaurant is actually located inside of a hotel (I haven't personally stayed there, but the reviews are good, so here's a link just for you) called Mesón De Leyendas Breakfast & Downtown. The breakfast is a buffet. We paid 205 pesos (11$) for it per person, you can ask for eggs, crepes, and waffles, and there's even granola, yogurt, and lots of fruits along with a selection of croissants and other small baked goods. The staff is super friendly, and the atmosphere is full of positive vibes.


Paragliding is actually a big thing in Valle de Bravo. It's such a big thing that the town hosted the 2009 Cross Country Paragliding Championships. The local told us that 'every day in Valle is flyable,' so grab a professional human paraglider person and fly fly away. I don't know how much paragliding costs where you're from, but in Lebanon (where I live), it's around 120$ to 200$. That's a lot of money, and I'm not paying it, but in Valle, paragliding costs anywhere from 50 to 100$ (USD) because of the huge competition, which lowers prices down. I had my first paragliding ride ever, and it was awesome. You actually need to run down a small hill into the abyss, which was kind of scary, but after that, you're greeted by the air and a feeling of bliss. It's super cool to see the world from a bird's perspective and kind of relaxing, and the Valle De Bravo scenery is a big plus.


3-Mirador La Peña

I wouldn't call this one a HIKE, but you're walking up a hill, and you're surrounded by nature, so...a smallish hike? Whatever you choose to call it, walking to the top of Mirador La Peña is truly memorable. The view from the top is what made me compare Valle to Scilly or Cinque Terre in this post, and it's definitely worth the short walk. Note that you'll have to climb over a couple of large rocks, so plan for your shoes accordingly. My friend and I (mostly my friend) went a bit crazy and decided to skip the usual road and do some old fashion rock climbing, this made the whole experience even more memorable, and I recommend it if you're fit and into that sort of thing.



Valle de Bravo is beautiful, and the best way to take in its beauty is through the eyes. So wherever you're staying, I really recommend to walk around the city from there, take in the sights, take in the environment, take in the scents, and enjoy your stroll. The town is relatively small compared to the rest of the places you're going to visit in Mexico, so enjoy it and benefit from that.

5-Cascada Velo de Novia

Don't forget to wear appropriate shoes if you're planning on getting close to the falls. There are a couple of things to do once you're there; you have the option of a hike (ask the waiters at the restaurants or the people selling you horse rides about which trail to take), a horse ride down the river to get to a lagoon, a restaurant that has a good view of the falls, or all of the above. My personal favorite is to follow the river downstream and see where it leads. Depending on when you decide to stop, you might reach the lagoon or some other place where you could take a swim. Make sure to schedule a Taxi service from the falls as well if you don't have a car, as they're hard to find there.


This activity isn't for the faint-hearted. They take paintball very seriously in Valle. The GOTCHA one I'm recommending takes place in the forest. You're provided with all the equipment, as well as a bullet vest and face mask. The game takes 2 hours to complete and is intense. There are a couple of nice places to choose from, the one I'm recommending is Valle Aventura. It usually costs 530 MXN (28.44$) per person, but you can bargain around the price.


7-Piedra Herrada Sanctuary/Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

If you're into butterflies and nature, this one's for you. And if you just happen to be around the area in February, then this one is MADE for you, as the butterflies migrate from Canada (by the millions, I'm talking butterfly causing tornadoes here) during that period. If you're not there during February, I would still recommend the place, but make sure to get there as early as you can. The entrance is 100$ MXN (5.37$) per person, 200 MXN for a guide, or 200MXN for horses per person (Try to bargain for the price).



Water skiing, kayaking, and paddleboarding! hooray. I'm not going to recommend anyone in particular, although the place I mentioned for paint-balling provides all these services (and more like ATV rides, for example). The activities are pretty self-explanatory. One thing to mention that is also obvious if you've read that far is that since Valle surrounds a Lake, water activities there are extraordinary and breathtaking.