If there’s one thing Tokyo is known for it’s for being eccentric and perceived as very weird (in a positive way) by foreigners, and when it comes to food, it’s no exception. The Themed restaurants in this list are either ‘weird’ themselves, or the food they serve is weird, or both in most cases really. Please do keep in mind that Japan has some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted and that going to a themed restaurant isn’t really a culinary journey, it’s more of a fun and entertaining experience with perhaps sometimes some surprising tasty food here and there.

1.Kawaii Monster Cafe


Basically a psychedelic wonderland with shows and performances happening every few hours, the food is fine and the drinks are pretty good. Lunch time is more kids-oriented while the evenings tend to be geared towards a more adult atmosphere.

Instagram: @kawaiimonstercafe


Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: Lunch 11:30AM - 4:30PM, Dinner 6:00PM - 10:30PM. Sunday: 11:00AM - 8:00PM

*500¥ per person to enter and then you need to order a set-menu per person: the cheapest one costs around 1,400¥.


2.Kichijoji Yurei

Kichijoji Minamicho

Yureis (幽霊) are part of Japanese folklore culture and are basically the equivalent of western ghosts. The theme is pretty obvious, if you’re into spooky stuff, this is a nice dark dinner spot with waitresses dressed as Japanese ghosts and food looking like severed limbs and rogue eyeballs. Can I get a ‘‘kawaii’’? Also, there’s a coffin in the middle of the room which you can climb into if you’re into that sort of thing. I ain’t judging.

Instagram: @yurei_izakaya_kichijoji


Opening hours: Everyday: 5:00PM–1:00AM




Sengoku is a period in Japanese history which is known as the Age of Warring States, so basically a near-constant military conflict (thx wikipedia). Samurais where a thing back then and this restaurant really embodies that to its best ability. The food is good, the concept is fun and samurais will randomly offer their swords to you which is a win in my book.

Instagram: @sengoku_buyuden

Menu: Here’s a link to their Tripadvisor review page with lots of food pictures.

Opening hours: Everyday: 5:00PM–11:30PM


4.Robot Restaurant



You probably already know about this one as it's one of Tokyo’s most famous themed restaurants. The performances are crazy and very entertaining, with light shows, fires, dancing, robots, singing, I mean at this point anything that screams ‘entertainment’ is probably incorporated in this restaurant. The food is fine.

Instagram: @robotrestaurant

Menu: Set menus available

Opening hours: There are no walk-ins, you need to purchase a ticket and set menu, check out their website, but try booking through someone else to get a discount.


5. Rokunen Yonkumi


The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in an elementary school Japanese classroom completed by staff dressed as teachers, tiny tables and chairs, blackboards, and some pretty cool drawing activities and a pop quiz.


Instagram: @rokuyonmeieki


Opening hours: Everyday: 5:00PM–11:00PM


*There is a minimum order of one drink and two food plates and a ¥500 seating charge




If you find yourself in Tokyo, unable to visit Kyoto, this is as close to it that you’re going to get: a Kyoto themed restaurant. Colorful buildings, dim lights, multiple delicious course meals and bamboos.

Instagram: @kyoumachi_shinjuku


Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM, Friday to Saturday: 5:00 PM - 4:00 AM


7. Ninja AKASAKA


A wonderful experience to have in Tokyo that is both culinary, delicious, and extremely entertaining. The waiters are dressed like ninjas and will put on a little show every time they bring you food, brining it to you from random places, surprising you each time. Getting seated is an experience in itself as you’ll have to cross a little ninja path to get there. Highly recommend.

Instagram: Instagram geotag


Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 5:00 PM - 10:30 PM, Sunday: 5:00 PM - 9:45 PM




8.Nanairo Temariuta


Temari (手まり) is a traditional Japanese handball usually made from embroidery, it can be considered as a work of art when the stitching is more decorative and detailed but is also considered a toy and is even used in handball. This restaurant’s theme is the Temari ball, and it has incorporated the concept in a very beautiful way, even rolling the sushi as to resemble a ball.

Instagram: @mariuta_snjk

Menu: Link to their google review pictures.

Opening hours: Everyday: 5:00 PM - -12:00 AM

9. Zauo

shinjuku - shibuya - meguro

Here you’ll experience fishing, and it’s surprisingly harder and more challenging than what I thought. You can ask the cook to prepare your fish in any way you’d like, whether it’s sashimi, boiled or fried. If fishing isn’t your thing, you can also order directly off the menu.

Instagram: @zauo_shibuya

Menu: Link to their google review pictures.

Opening hours: Please check which Zauo you would like to visit.



7 locations in TOKYO

If you or your child are into fairy tails and Alice in Wonderland, this is a fun and colorful experience. You’ll be greeted by waitresses dressed as Alice or the Queen of Hearts and the food looks very pretty but doesn’t really taste like much.

Instagram: @alice_restaurant

Menu: Link to their website so you get an idea.

Opening hours: Please check for each location:

  1. Alice in a Labyrinth – Ginza, Tokyo

  2. Alice in Fantasy Land – Umeda, Osaka

  3. Alice in Fantasy Book – Shinjuku, Tokyo

  4. Alice in Magical Land – Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo

  5. Alice in an Old Castle – Ikebukuro, Tokyo

  6. Alice in a Dancing Land – Shibuya, Tokyo

  7. Alice in the Silver Screen – Sakae, Nagoya

11.vampire cafe tokyo


This list consists of themed restaurants (obviously), and this one is by far the one that pays the most attention to detail: the entire restaurant right down to the cups, forks and curtains look like they’ve been picked right out of the romantic Gothic era. If you’re into vampires like Dracula (No Edward Cullens here) and you enjoy a bit of gothic fun, definitely check this one out.

Instagram: Instagram geotag.

Menu: Link to their google review pictures.

Opening hours: Everyday: 5:00 PM - 11:30 PM


12. The Lockup


A very entertaining themed restaurant that also has monster shows and an element of spook and horror in every dish and cocktail they serve. You will also get randomly scared at some point, so stay tuned for that if you visit this place.

Instagram: Instagram geotag.

Menu: Link to their google review pictures.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM, Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM