I actually got up early and went to brunch with my friends last Sunday. Yes, I am now a new and improved Morning Efficient Social Person (she writes at 5:38 am, alone, in her living room, on her second espresso shot). My friend from Canada is visiting and they're all about brunching there so she got really excited when I mentioned BarTartine's. We tried to plan the brunch a couple of times but it kept on failing because me and my other friend couldn't wake up early enough for it (goals); but alas, the sweet light of heaven shined upon us and my Canadian friend abducted us and forced us to sleep over at her house so she could make sure that we would wake up early enough the next morning. We went, we saw, we ate, and here's the in-depth review. 




   BarTartine has different branches all over Beirut and its neighboring areas: Mar Mkhaeil, ABC Ashrafieh, Dbayeh, Dunes Verdun, The Backyard Hazmieh, ... but their Brunch is currently only available at their Restos St. Nicolas branch in Ashrafieh, as well as the Dbayeh, The Backyard and Zaytunay Bay ones. Right now they do not serve it in any other locations, but here's their number if you're reading this at a later date and you want to make sure: 01 44 51 51.


The Brunch Buffet is served every Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM for a price of 28,000LBP per person (18.5$ US).


  We arrived there at their Restos St.Nicolas branch at around 10:40 am, there were a lot of people but it's wasn't jam-packed, so we were able to easily find a seating place (right in front of the buffet as to minimize physical input). The overall atmosphere was laid-back, BarTartine has a nice decor and overall vibe to it, and this location also featured a small 'bakery' in front of the buffet which added to the chill classy French meets chill classy Lebanese atmosphere.

  Let's discuss beverages first since this is the only thing I forgot to take pictures of. They offer Black Coffee and different kinds of Teas and Milk (Soy, skimmed ), as well as Orange and Grapefruit juice. I tried everything except for the Milk (I hate the consistency), and it was pretty good, my favorite was the Orange juice.

They also have fresh apples and bananas fruit.

  Moving on to things I actually took pictures of:  first, a selection of greens :

*IDNT=Everything I did not try it because I either don't like eating it in general, or specifically for breakfast, or I'm intolerant to it.




  1. A leaf bowl (lettuce, rocca,.. ) IDNT

  2. A bowl of salad made out of lentils, peas, and other things. I had a portion and it was really tasty and fresh, I liked it.

  3. Adds on to your salad: Cucumbers, zaatar, olive oil, zaatar bread, olives, tomatoes IDNT

  4. Labneh, was also fresh and savory, I liked it.

  5. A Fruit Salad ( Apples, kiwi, strawberry, mangoes, ...) IDNT

  6. Baba au rhum IDNT

  7. A yogurt strawberry mix IDNT


  A selection of Cheese, Turkey & Ham, and mini bites:



  1. The cheese platter has (from left to right) Gruyere, Chèvre (goat cheese), Brie, Parmesan, and Emmental. I tried all of them because cheese is life, and as a 1/4 French girl I can assure you their cheese is good quality and very tasty.

  2. Turkey&Ham. It wasn't the best and freshest turkey I had in my life, it was just fine, I didn't like the Ham, it felt too dry and flavorless.

  3. Mini Bites. I didn't like them, they felt fresh but very dry, and I didn't like the taste of the cheese they used.


  The 3 'pizza' baskets:



  1. Man'ouche with cherry tomatoes: I felt it was too dry and lacked flavor, I barely felt the taste of zaatar.

  2. Breakfast pizza: I really liked it, it was good and tasty.

  3. Pizza: IDNT

  4. Mozzarella Eggplant: Loved this, super tasty, I'm a big fan of mozzarella and eggplant, so combining them together is a big yes in my book.

  5. Quiche: I actually hated the consistency and taste of it, but I think that's just a personal preference because my friends all loved it.


  Sugary food and a multitude of toppings



  1. Toasted bread chips:, I tried them before and had to pass, the bread is too crunchy and toasted for me (but again, I have a friend who has that every-time he goes there so that's just a preference)

  2. Pancake with a lot of different assortments (almonds, figs, dates, nuts, honey, Nutella, Maple syrup, ... ): This was too fluffy, heavy, and dry for me, but then again I'm more of a crepe person.

  3. Assortment of small cookies and brownies : IDNT

  4. Orange almond cake: IDNT


Croissant, baguettes and juice:



  1. Assortments of Croissant (chocolate, plain, almonds, ... ) and mini cinnamon rolls: I had one of each and I loved each and every one of them. BarTartine really knows their way around baking croissant.

  2. Baguettes: IDNT

  3. Orange Juice & Grapefruit: Loved the Orange, the grapefruit was too bitter for me but that's just how it normally taste, so again, preference.


  The Oats Bar:


healthy options

  1. Milk: IDNT

  2. Different assortment of oats (flakes, flax seeds, granola, ...): IDNT



eggs from heaven

  Finally, let's talk about their scrambled eggs. I've been to 24 countries. I've been to countless hotels, from luxury 5-star resorts (with my family) to hostels, and ate at a variety of breakfast buffets where they had different eggs style you could choose from. But I have never tasted eggs as good as these ones. I'm not exaggerating. I was amazed. I actually exclaimed myself out loud while eating these eggs and was surprised at how good they tasted. They're made with milk and I did not even think about the consequences of me digesting them: They were that good. Honestly, I would go back for them again and again, forever.


  Now concerning their service, before going there I obviously looked at their reviews on Zomato and their facebook page, and every here and there, someone seems to be mentioning how their staff isn't friendly and attentive and could use some customer service training. I haven't been to all of their branches so I can't attest to that, but what I can say is that their buffet staff were militarily efficient, every time a platter would start to get empty, a staff member would  replace it immediately, which meant everything ran smoother and we didn't have to wait for a refill which was nice. I also struggled with the toaster at some point because it was kind of too high-tech for me (buttons instead of that thing you slide to push the toasts inside), and a staff member immediately ran to my help without me even asking for any. For me, that's good service.


This was an overall pleasant brunch experience with my friends, I think the pricing is very fair, we enjoyed our time there and had some good food, I would recommend it if you're looking for a nice brunching place in Beirut where baguette meets zaatar.


Overall score: 3.5/5. they didn't get a 5.0 because I didn't enjoy eating some of their food items  (mentioned above) and they didn't have waffles (Which I really look forward to eating for brunch). This isn't something I would do on a weekly basis, but I would probably go again in a couple of months.

Here's a link to their normal Menu if you're interested.


May your brunches be tasty and affordable.