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Whether you’re traveling with your family, friends, significant other, or looking for a solo excursion South, North or East of Beirut, this list contains 15 of the best weekend getaways Lebanon has to offer. You’re guaranteed to find the kind of relaxation, excitement or romance that you’re looking for, or just to find a place where you’ll do exactly what you do in Beirut but in a different beautiful setting.

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+In no particular order:

1.maison de la foret

Jezzine, Bkassine

Tucked away amidst the pines of Bkassine’s forest, La Maison de La Forêt - which is french for The Forest’s House -offers a peaceful, earthy and quiet escape from Beirut’s busy lifestyle. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, or you would just like to enjoy some good quality food and homey accommodation with your loved one or friend, this is as eco-friendly and open-air as it gets in terms of charming getaways.

Instagram: @lamaisondelaforet
Activities: Tower Climbing & Rappelling, Hiking, Treetop Adventure Park, Biking, Canyoning, Parlor Games, …

Pet friendly: Yes.

Contact: +961 7 800 222 / +961 78 828 252

Starting: $110 per night

Recommended booking site: lamaisondelaforet

2.the chill hill experience

Wata El Joz, Keserwan

One of the most aesthetically pleasing accommodations on this list, I was really surprised to find a place like this one in Lebanon. The Chill Hill Experience looks like lodgings taken straight out of Alberta, Canada with a lake, A-Frame cabins, an eery atmosphere and mountain views to seal the deal. As they so remarkably quote on their website: “once you arrive at this getaway, you’ll find it impossible to get away.’’

Instagram: @thechillhillexperience
Activities: Hiking trips, Outdoor seasonal pool, Cocktail bar, …

Pet friendly: Yes.

Contact: info@thechillhillexperience.com // +961 76 77 54 58 // +961 3 62 18 96

Starting: $160 per night

Recommended booking site: thechillhillexperience.com

3.beit amiq

Ammiq wetlands, Bekaa

Settled near the Ammiq wetlands, which are part of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Beit Ammiq overlooks one of Lebanon’s most beautiful sceneries: the Bekaa’s valley’s fertile green flatlands, stretching out as far as the eye can see, surrounded here and there by hill tops. These guesthouses are located near Tawlet Ammiq, a farmers' kitchen restaurant that offers traditional Lebanese meals atop a slop, a few meters above the valley, offering an overall view of the surroundings. Each Beit Ammiq room offers a small terrace with direct access to a communal garden.

Instagram: @beitsoukeltayeb
Activities: Located near the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, Breathtaking scenery Hiking, Bird-watching, …

Pet friendly: Yes.

Contact: Info@TawletAmmiq.com // +961 3 004 481

Starting: $144 per night

Recommended booking site: L'Hôte Libanais


Tabarja, Kesserwan

Beit El Bahr, Arabic for The Sea House, truly lives up to its name with the peaceful sound of waves breaking audible around the property. This traditional Lebanese beach house turned Bed & Breakfast, is located on the beachfront in Tabarja and consists of a shared lounge, delicious food, a friendly and professional staff as well as a cozy and authentic interior decor. Beit El Bahr is defenitely an amazing spot to unwind and relax by the sea.

Instagram: @beitelbahr
Activities: Beach, Snorkelling, Diving, …

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: +961 3 753 444 // +961 09 855 973

Starting: $114 per night

Recommended booking site:


5.zita fidar

Fidar, Byblos

Calling all seaside sunset lovers: Zita Fidar offers a delightful and exclusive experience immersed in sunlight, good music and incredible architecture [Raed Abillama Architects designed the place]. Here you’ll enjoy a peaceful and relaxing weekend getaway accompanied by the sight of Beirut glimmering away in the distance and the murmurs of the sea.

Instagram: @zitafidar
Activities: Swimming pool, Regular musical events, Biking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Yoga & Meditations (sometimes), …

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: +961 3 616088 // info@zita-fidar.com

Starting: $175 per night

Recommended booking site: zitafidar.com

6.BEYt el Jabal


With a wonderful view over the mountains and valleys, stairs and walls of 19th century stones, spacious and comfortable rooms and a variety of traditional delicious Lebanese food at your service, Beyt El Jab - Arabic for The Mountain’s Home - is a very quiet and homey guesthouse, perfect for a get away from the summer’s heat in Beirut.

Instagram: @beyteljabal_lb
Activities: Hiking, perfect for experiencing Der El Qamar, …

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: +961 70 954 057

Starting: $65.30 per night

Recommended booking site:


7.solem zaarour

Zaarour, Metn

Solem Zaarour radiates with good vibes, good music, good food, and awesome cocktails. If you’re looking to get a bit crazy and forge some memories along the way while hopefully snapping an awesome sunset picture, this is the perfect location no matter the season, with cozy chalets, each with their own private terrace overlooking all the action.

Instagram: @solemzaarour
Activities: Swimming pool, Entertainment shows, Water jet board activities, Night & day events, …

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: +961 71 686 969

Starting: $100 per night

Recommended booking site: airbnb.com/solem

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8.barracuda beach house batroun


Probably not the most luxurious experience you’ll have, but definitely one of the most memorable, there’s nothing like sleeping a few meters from the beach, with your beach house enabling you to walk right out onto the sand. The water is clean and clear, which can’t be said for most places in Lebanon.

Instagram: @barracudabatroun
Activities: Beach bar, Surf school, Beach activities, Water sports, ….

Pet friendly: Yes.

Contact: Through Airbnb

Starting: $100 per night

Recommended booking site: airbnb.com/barracuda

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Maaser Beiteddine, Chouf

An serene isolated place located in the heart of a small valley in the Chouf area, Bouyouti offers a year-long relaxing atmosphere. Their service is amazing, and their cozy and beautiful accommodations are scattered throughout their estate which gives the feel of belonging to a small village.

Instagram: @bouyouti
Activities: Swimming pool, the place to go for absolute relaxation

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: +9613310200 // +9613726200

Starting: $200 per night

Recommended booking site: Bouyouti.com

10.odom camp

Le Plateau de Bakish, Bakish

The first time I found out about Odom Camp, I was shocked that such a beautiful and eerie concept existed in Lebanon. Situated atop asphalted rock hills, with their own private terrace overlooking a sea of clouds, their igloos are decorated remarkably and offer amenities worthy of a 5 star hotel. The service is luxurious and the overall atmosphere is otherworldly. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or want to celebrate a special occasion, this is it.

Instagram: @odom_retreat
Activities: Seasonal outdoor pool, Hiking, Bonfire, Ski (seasonal), Hiking, …

Pet friendly: Yes.

Contact: +961 76 992 092 [If the provided link does not work, call them for a booking]

Starting: $250 per night

Recommended booking site:


11.dar alma boutique hotel


A very unique and cozy spot situated right by the sea, Dar Alma is located in sour’s loveliest and most instagramable neighborhood. Dar Alma offers endless views of the sea, whether you’re staring at it from your balcony, falling asleep on sun loungers, or munching away at a delicious meal. Its location is also perfect for exploring Sour by feet.

Instagram: @dar_alma
Activities: Private beach area, Water sports facilities, Fishing, Diving, Boat trips, delicious restaurant, ….

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: + 961 7 740 082 // info@daralmatyre.com

Starting: $145.94 per night

Recommended booking site:


12.beit al batroun b and b


While for some Batroun might be synonymous with the sea, this accomodation is tucked away in a green envelope of lemon, olive and almond trees. Charming and elegant, there is a certain simplicity and peace of mind felt when entering Beit Al Batroun. This is where you should go if you’re looking for something authentic where you’ll feel at home away from home. This place is also rumored to offer the best Mne’eesh you’ll ever get to taste in your life so if that’s not enough of a good reason to try it out, I don’t know what is.

Instagram: @beitalbatroun
Activities: Swimming pool, Perfect location in Batroun for activities around the coastal city, …

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: +961 3 270 049

Starting: $160.00 per night

Recommended booking site: L'Hôte Libanais


Baakleen, Chouf

Bkerzay provides a sophisticated traditional experience in the heart of nature. Perfect for a family weekend getaway, this is a place where you won’t run out of things to do, with noteworthy activities being offered such a pottery, and a Turkish Hamam operating all year round. Fear not winter vacationers: the pool is heated in the winter.

Instagram: @bkerzay
Activities: Swimming pool, Pottery Lessons, Spa treatments, Yoga & Meditation, Gym, Board Games, Hamam, Hiking, …

Pet friendly: Yes, to no extra charge.

Contact: +961 3 51 20 20 // info@bkerzay.com

Starting: $120.00 per night

Recommended booking site:


14.beit trad

Kfour, Keserwan

This mountain mansion turned blissful and charming guesthouse offers individually decorated rooms, delicious home-cooked food, impeccable service, and a pool. It will get you fully immersed in an oriental and romantic Lebanese atmosphere and you’ll want to keep going back for more.

Instagram: @Beittrad
Activities: Swimming pool, board games, library, in-room spa, personal training, …

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: +961 70 414242

Starting: $295.00 per night [All rooms are identical in price]

Recommended booking site: L'Hôte Libanais

15.Hotel al bustan


Hotel Al Bustan is one of the oldest hotels in Lebanon, and although it has a retro style that some guests might not enjoy, their renown Scottish Bar which overlooks Beirut and Jounieh’s sparking bay, their garden full of pines and olive trees, spa experience and candle-lit summer terrace is bound to change anyone’s mind.

Instagram: @lespacealbustan
Activities: Swimming pool, Live sport events, Bicycle rental, Table tennis, Children's playground, Games room, Hiking, Horse riding, Aerobics, Spa treatments…

Pet friendly: No.

Contact: +961 3 752003 // +961 4 873 003 // +961 3 752 000 // Hotel@albustan-lb.com

Starting: $169

Recommended booking site: