If you drive in Beirut, if you work in Beirut, if you do so much as breathe in Beirut, you probably need yoga in your life. I love this city and I love this country, but it tests my sanity on a daily basis, and yoga seems to restore it pretty well. I am no yogi by any means, but I practice yoga here and there and it does an awesome job when it comes to lowering my stress levels. Whether you live in Beirut or you’re just passing by, here are 9 yoga studios you should probably check out. They’re all over the city and range in prices and types of yoga offered so you’re bound to find something for you.

1.Yoga Souk Beirut

+Nestled in the midst of the capital’s most charming little neighborhood: Saifi Village, the studio at Yoga Souk Beirut offers a graceful yet simple clean space for Yoga practice. One of the classes they provide runs continuously from 6:15 am till 10:15 am every weekday, and members and drop-ins are welcomed to join from 6:15 till 9:15 am and partake in the class for as long as they’d like, at their own pace.


Schedule: link.

Instagram: @yogasoukbeirut

Types of Yoga offered: Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Yoga Nidra/Meditation, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Tai Chi, …

Number: (+961) 81 608 607

Open in Google Maps: Yoga Souk Beirut

Cost: Drop in: 17.8$ | Drop in Student with ID: 10$ |Unlimited 1 month : 228$ | Unlimited 1 month student with ID: 178.6$

2.Sarvam Yoga

+Nicknamed as the red house, Sarvam Studio in Beirut offers a diversity of yoga classes catered to all levels. They offer a 1-month morning challenge program every month that offers 6 morning classes a week at 7 to 8am on Weekdays and 9:30 to 11am on Saturdays, the program costs 146$ and is a great way to transform your life through yoga surrounded by an energetic and positive group with the same goal.


Schedule: link.

Instagram: @sarvamyoga

Types of Yoga offered: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Rocket Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra/Meditation, …

Number: (+961) 3 013 013

Open in Google Maps: Sarvam Yoga

Cost: Drop in: 16$ | Unlimited (1 month): 133$ | Unlimited (1 month) for first-timers: 50$

3.Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center

+ There’s nothing like a 1930s renovated Beirut apartment with high ceilings and a peaceful & quiet vibe to put you in the mood for some soothing-the-soul yoga. The Sivananda yoga center often organizes yoga retreats both inside and outside of Lebanon as well as both yoga-related and non yoga-related community activities.


Schedule: link.

Instagram: @sivanandayogabeirut

Types of Yoga offered: Vinyasa Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Savasana, Hatha, …

Number: (+961) 1 566 770

Open in Google Maps: Sivananda Yoga Center

Cost: Drop in Hatha/Vinyasa: 16.5$ | Drop in Students with ID: 14$ | Drop in Ashtanga: 10$ | 1 month membership Vinyasa Ashtanga: 130$ | 1 month membership Vinyasa Ashtanga for students with ID: 100$

4.Beirut Yoga Center

+The Beirut Yoga Center has one location in Sodeco, and the other in Hazmieh, both locations provide various styles of yoga and pride themselves in a community-centered mindset which is reflected in their organized weekly outdoor activities and yoga retreats.


Schedule: link.

Instagram: @beirutyogacenter

Types of Yoga offered: Hatha, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Acroyoga, Prenatal, Meditation, …

Number: (+971) 3 029 734

Open in Google Maps: Sodeco Branch | Hazmieh Branch

Cost: Check full package option for each branch on their schedule page.
In general: Drop-in price varies between 10$ to 22$ depending on the class | Monthly membership: 233$

5.Beit Ra

+Beit Ra is not a yoga studio, it is a yoga school for people planning on becoming yoga teachers. The only non-teaching related class they offer are private ones, and you’ll need to call them to book the studio for a private or small group session.


Schedule: Call them to inquire about available time for private sessions/yoga teacher training

Instagram: @beit_ra

Types of Yoga offered: Depends on what you ask.

Number: (+961) 03 390 961

Open in Google Maps: Beit Ra

Cost: Teacher training: 2500$ | Private Session [90 minutes]: 100$

6.Mandala Beirut

+ One of the studios that offers the most variety of yoga styles, Mandala Beirut is a cozy and charming space in which any yoga enthusiast will surely find a class or two of great interest.


Schedule: link.

Instagram: @mandalabeirut

Types of Yoga offered: Mysore, Ashtanga, Aerial, Acroyoga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Core Flow, Dance exploration, Yin/Yang, Power Yoga, Meditation,…

Number: (+961) 3 082 524

Open in Google Maps: Mandala Beirut

Cost: Regular drop in: 16.66$ | Regular classes unlimited month: 150$ | Aerial classes drop in: 20$

7.Union Square Yoga

+ Union Square Yoga, a boutique studio yoga studio situated in Ashrafieh, offers a diversity of yoga classes centered on the expression of creativity and bodily exploration. The studio also offers an array of yoga workshops ranging from themes such as mental health, healing, and individuality


Schedule: link.

Instagram: @unionsquareyoga

Types of Yoga offered: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Ying Yang, …

Number: (+961) 3 150 760

Open in Google Maps: Union Square Yoga Beirut

Cost: Drop in: 16.5$ | Pack of 10 classes: 120$ | Aerial classes drop in: 20$ | Student with ID drop in: 10$

8.Ananda Yoga Center

+Ananda yoga center integrates yoga, meditation and holistic activities as well as workshops and yoga vacations to other countries throughout the year.


Schedule: link.

Instagram: @anandayogabeirut

Types of Yoga offered: Aerial, Reiki & Meditation, Hatha, …

Number: 03-194608, 70-628426

Open in Google Maps: Ananda Yoga Center

Cost: Drop in: 15$ to 25$ (Aerial yoga), package deals are also available, but no monthly membership as of date.

9.Soul Spa Yoga Center

+Soul Spa is a yoga studio, but it’s also a literal spa for the soul, not just in a figurative sense. In addition to yoga classes, you can find a diverse range of energy-healing treatments such as Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy.


Schedule: [Add their 03 number on Whatsapp, and it’s their display picture]

Instagram: @soulspa_lb

Types of Yoga offered: Hatha, Restorative, Qi-Yoga, Prenatal, …

Number: 01 – 353 286 03 – 843 749

Open in Google Maps: Soul Spa Yoga Center

Cost: Drop in: 14$, package deals are available for each classes offered, but no monthly membership as of date.