[REVIEW] RIRE All Kill blackhead Remover Stick (before and after)

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This is going to be the first post of a series of reviews of products that claim to remove blackheads. So on the subject of how to remove blackheads on the nose, let me introduce our first aspirant: the Rire All kill remover blackhead stick.

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  • What you get:10 g

  • Price (Use this link): 6.73$ ( If you use my code: DEWILDE you can get up to 5% off on any yesstyle purchase)

  • Texture: Soapy but doesn't lather.

  • Cruelty-free: Yes

Here's the Ingredient list if you're interested.



According to instructions:

Rub it 5 seconds on your skin, avoiding the eye area.

According to me:

Rubbing it in for 5 seconds is way too short of a time for the product to have any real effect on your skin, I prefer applying it on my skin in circular motions, not pressing it down but rather just gliding it on.

+About the claims

  1. Remove all blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells at once!: This will not remove your blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells "at once". It will, however, remove some of them, let's shed some light: the bar looks like a soap, and has granules of rice, soybean, sesame, and coal. These granules provide a good physical exfoliation, and apparently also absorb some of the dirt in your pores. As you can see from the pictures below, I do have some blackheads that are gone, and my nose feels cleaner and brightened up, so some dead skin cells were also definitely removed since my skin feels smoother. But not all of them, this is a claim companies love to make for marketing reasons, but most products can't remove ALL of these things after just one single use.

  2. Easy! fast! convenient!:All you need to do is to twist the bar up, rub it on your nose for a few moments, and you're done. So yes, I 100% agree that this is easy, fast and convenient.

  3. Skin soothing and moisturizing effect!: I don't agree with this claim, and I think either whoever tried to translate this from Korean didn't use the right words, or this is another marketing strategy to sell the product. A product with "Soothing" properties would essentially calm down irritated/inflamed/red skin, this product isn't manufactured for this purpose, to begin with, and it actually isn't ideal for sensitive skins to use, so no this isn't soothing at all. As for moisturizing, I also don't agree with this claim, although it did not leave my skin feeling particularly dry, it far from left it moisturized.

note: squeezing blackheads ( the remaining ones) after using this product is very easy.

  This isn't a "one use solves all " kind of product, I'm not even sure these kinds exist, although some come close to it. But don't get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed this blackhead killing stick and will be using it in the future, the label recommends exfoliating with it twice to 3 times a week, with this regular usage, I think your blackheads will eventually completely disappear and stay so while you're doing it consistently. 

    Now a quick note, the label also mentions that you can use this anywhere on your face where you need exfoliating or removal of blackheads/whiteheads. I definitely don't recommend this, I did some research and turns out the pH of this product is alkaline ( the ph of your face is basic, which means basic ph products work best in coordination with your skin), this obviously isn't the end of the world, but it wouldn't be the best thing to use on other skin, but I do think this should exclusively be for blackheads on the nose. Or if you do, at least use another product directly afterward to balance out your skin. And if you have sensitive skin, I definitely don't recommend you use this on any part of your face other than your nose (since skin there is usually much rougher, but even there, I recommend doing a patch test).

   Overall, this a great preventative method from getting more blackheads and whiteheads, as well as a method to remove them, step by step, over a few weeks. It would be suitable for most skin types, except for sensitive ones ( depending on your level of sensitivity).


  1. Travel-Friendly product

  2. Regular use will clear up nose

  3. Eventually does kill all blackheads

  4. Will last a long while

  5. Very Good price/quality ratio

  6. Fun to use

  7. Less damaging than regular nose strips



  1. The top layer of the products needs to be wiped off after every use to maintain hygiene

  2. Not effective for really deep blackheads and whiteheads

👃Score: 3.5/5 --- I'm satisfied with this product, it's an overall easy blackhead removal process, but I feel like if it was less abrasive, it would have gotten a full 4.0, and if it actually removed as many blackheads on one go as it claims, it would have gotten the whole 5.0. 


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+Wishtrend product link

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